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Chris Proudlove Spouting His Ignorance On Video

Recently i wrote about Chris Proudlove and his lies https://christiansforzionwatch.wordpress.com/2014/05/05/chris-proudlovethe-man-who-cant-stop-lying/  well here he is on video spouting his ignorance and lies. I would like to point out that in the past couple of years he has been repeatedly asked to provide evidence to back up his claims….No evidence has ever been forthcoming. So one must wonder why he claims the ‘world is ignorant’ regarding San Remo when he himself is ignorant. Once again we find him unable to deviate from his Hasbara script.


Also, he repeats a claim that “half of all Jews born in past 800 [eight hundred] years have been murdered. Now we all know that throughout history Jews have been mercilessly discriminated against…So we must ask why he would repeat such a blatant lie a lie which again i have have made repeated attempts to gain evidence for……But again, no evidence is fortcoming….I think we know why he can’t provide any evidence to back up his claims…



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Another Day Another Lie!

Today CfZ posted up a blog regarding Typhoon Haiyan by an anonymous Administrator [Chris Proudlove?] titled “News unlikely to find in the media” in which it was claimed,

“…the BBC somehow’ forgot’ to include Israel when giving out the names of countries that had sent aid.”

This is a lie….A big fat lie.

Here’s what the BBC reported/updated on 14 November 2013 Last updated at 18:50

“Around 25 humanitarian organisations are operating in and around Tacloban, including international response teams, NGOs, the Red Cross and other UN teams.

French-Belgian and Israeli field hospitals have been set up.”

And in a side section titled “Aid at a glance” it reported,

“Israel: 148-person team, including search, rescue and medical services; field hospital with 100 tonnes of aid”


Here’s what the BBC reported on 12 November 2013 Last updated at 16:08,

“Four completely self-sufficient field hospitals from countries including Israel and Norway have landed in the Philippines, but are still waiting for flights and boats to get them to the worst hit areas.”




Why do these “Christian” Zionists lie so brazenly?

And they have the affront and the racism to tell us that it’s Arabs who are the liars…Go figure.


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Why Do Christians For Zion Lie So Much?

In his latest absurdly titled blog we find Chris Proudlove spouting the same old tired chestnut.


“…With Turkish rule ending in the Middle East the Allies’ aim was to create one Jewish state and a number of Muslim nations in the region. The LoN mandated Britain to sort out matters pertaining to Palestine and Mesopotamia (Iraq).”


No, it was never intended to create a “Jewish state”. The LoN mandate’s aim was to allow Jews, in certain numbers, immigrate to Palestine and take up PALESTINIAN citizenship.


Article 7 of the mandate,


“The Administration of Palestine shall be responsible for enacting a nationality law. There shall be included in this law provisions framed so as to facilitate the acquisition of Palestinian citizenship by Jews who take up their permanent residence in Palestine.”




“His Majesty’s Government believe that the framers of the Mandate in which the Balfour Declaration was embodied could not have intended that Palestine should be converted into a Jewish State against the will of the Arab population of the country. […] His Majesty’s Government therefore now declare unequivocally that it is not part of their policy that Palestine should become a Jewish State”


Chris then goes on to tell us,


“Britain’s Mandate, as far as Palestinian Jews were concerned, was to grant them statehood when they were deemed ready to rule.”


Again, no.


“it has been observed with satisfaction that at a meeting of the Zionist Congress, the supreme governing body of the Zionist Organization, held at Carlsbad in September, 1921, a resolution was passed expressing as the official statement of Zionist aims “the determination of the Jewish people to live with the Arab people on terms of unity and mutual respect, and together with them to make the common home into a flourishing community, the upbuilding of which may assure to each of its peoples an undisturbed national development”




“The object of Zionism is to establish for the Jewish people a home in Palestine secured by public law.” ..It has been said and is still being obstinately repeated by anti-Zionists again and again, that Zionism aims at the creation of an independent “Jewish State” But this is fallacious. The “Jewish State” was never part of the Zionist programme. The Jewish State was the title of Herzl’s first pamphlet, which had the supreme merit of forcing people to think. This pamphlet was followed by the first Zionist Congress, which accepted the Basle programme – the only programme in existence.”


Nahum Sokolow, Zionist representative at the Paris peace conference.


Also,  at the Paris peace conference “US Secretary of State Lansing asked Dr Weizmann “to clear up some confusion which existed in his mind as to the correct meaning of the words “Jewish National Home”. Did that mean an autonomous Jewish Government?” Dr Weizmann replied in the negative.”


Although by the time the thuggish Ben Gurion and his gang of ethnic cleansers came along they did try to rewrite the Zionist aims.



He then goes on to tell us,


“As time wore on, however, war-weary and almost bankrupted Britain could not control the burgeoning military conflict between Arab and Jew. This led to Britain handing over the Mandate to the United Nations, LoN’s successor, in 1948.


The U.N was obliged to complete legalities stemming from its LoN predecessor. So, it was as Mandate holder that the UN facilitated the recreation of Israel. The action of U.N. was a ‘rubber stamp’ to what the LoN had stipulated.”


Again, no.


“The United Nations does not automatically fall heir to the responsibilities either of the League of Nations or of the Mandatory Power in respect of the Palestine Mandate. The record seems to us entirely clear that the United Nations did not take over the League of Nations Mandate system.”


United States Ambassador to the United Nations Warren Austin




“On 2 April 1947, the United Kingdom directed a request to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the first part of which states:1


“His Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom requests the Secretary-General of the United Nations to place the question of Palestine on the agenda of the General Assembly at its next regular annual session. It will submit to the Assembly an account of its administration of the League of Nations mandate and will ask the Assembly to make recommendations, under Article 10 of the Charter, concerning the future government of Palestine.”


Thus, the question of Palestine came before the General Assembly only as a request for a recommendation. No proposal was made by the United Kingdom to the General Assembly that the United Nations itself undertake responsibility for the government of Palestine.”


Chris then quotes hasbarrister Cambridge Ph.D. Cynthia Day Wallace,


“The U.N. cannot create a Palestinian Arab state until there is a territoral agreement between the Palestinian Authority and Israel as laid down by the Oslo Accords.”


Both Israel and the Palestinians can annul the Oslo accords at any time. The UN has also already given recognition to the Palestinians by giving them observer status at the UN.


Then we read,


“Anyway, U.N. resolutions are not legally binding. They are only recommendations.”


How peculiar. Previously, on this very blog, Chris, under the name of “Buster J Bailey” posted this,


“Israel actually has a better claim to its existence, having been created by the U.N.”


Wait, What!?!


He tells us that “Israel actually has a better claim to its existence, having been created by the U.N.” and then he tells us, or at least his “legal luminary” does, that  “… U.N. resolutions are not legally binding.”


Quite the contradiction.


Then his “legal luminary” tells us that,


“In the ECI summary Dr Wallace concludes: “In sum, the conflict is not a traditional conflict over borders – that is not even really the issue, as demonstrated by the fact that national boundaries have gone so long undetermined.”


Actually, little miss “legal luminary” Israel declared its borders in 1948 as seen here in a letter to the president of the U.S.A,


“MY DEAR MR. PRESIDENT: I have the honor to notify you that the state of Israel has been proclaimed as an independent republic within frontiers approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its Resolution of November 29, 1947, and that a provisional government has been charged to assume the rights and duties of government for preserving law and order within the boundaries of Israel, for defending the state against external aggression, and for discharging the obligations of Israel to the other nations of the world in accordance with international law. The Act of Independence will become effective at one minute after six o’clock on the evening of 14 May 1948, Washington time.”


Israel has NEVER legally annexed any territory outside those declared borders.


Next we have this,


“It is a conflict over historic rights and the internationally recognized need of a unified ‘people’ to have a place( and territorial space) to come ‘home’ to after some 2,000 years of ‘statelessness’ and separation from the Land of their Fathers – the only place that they call ‘holy’ and the only land they have ever called home.’”


Jews had no legal claim to the Holy land hence why the wording “Historical connection”. Also, according to a recent DNA study most of today’s Jews are not from the holy land. Although having said that I understand there is talk of other DNA tests that will debunk that theory….We shall wait and see…


Then there’s this,


“The problem, as it was in 1937, 1947 and 2000-01 is that the Palestinian Arabs refuse to compromise when offered a two-state solution.”


Regarding 1937 and 1947 the Arabs, embarrassingly for Chris and his hasbarristers, wanted a one state solution on the lines of the San Remo treaty. Ie. An Arab majority and Jewish minority sharing Palestine with equal rights for both groups. As for 2000-01, I already posted up a blog titled ‘Myth of the generous offer’ and Chris made zero attempt at debunking the article. So we must ask why he mentions it in his blog?


Next we have,


“Dr Victor Pearce, a noted scientist, archaeologist and theologian, comments in his book ‘Prophecy’, that, as in subsequent wars between Arab and Jew, angelic action on Israel’s side was responsible for the nascent Jewish state achieving victory against all the odds.”


Actually the odds in all Arab-Israeli wars have been stacked in Israel’s favour with the possible exception of the 1973 Yom Kippur war. See here for the war of Independence,




Now for what is for me the most alarming piece of Chris’s blog.


“In doing so, the Jewish King Jesus will say to Gentile nations supporting Israel: “… inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.”


I’ve already debunked that particular Zionist perversion of the bible here ,




Once again, despite numerous comments, Chris made no attempt to make a case as to why CfZ should make that particular claim. Also, if we read CfZ liar and Bible perverter in chief Mike Fryer’s latest blog we find him once again making the claim but he, Fryer, doesn’t stop there. He also says the following,


“You see without Israel or the Jewish there is no God.”


I assume he missed out the word ‘people’ after Jewish. In recent weeks I have noticed that Christian Zionists are trying to blackmail their fellow Christians into supporting Israel’s land theft and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian Arabs by making claims such as the two mentioned above and the following two claims.


“if it wasn’t for the Jews there would be no Bible” and “if it wasn’t for the Jews there would be no Christianity” Any Christian, true Christian reading these claims will be alarmed already. For those who are not so sure I will post these quotes from the New Testament gospel of John.


“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”


John Ch 1


“58 Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM.”


John Ch 8.


We thank God for his word. We thank God for Jews who sacrificed much for their faith in Jesus.


We DON’T thank Jews for God. We DON’T thank Jews for the bible. If we did we would be committing Idolatry.


Please don’t ever believe a word that these Christian Zionists say….It may lead you into a pit!



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Did You Know…?

1. That Israel’s first PM, David Ben Gurion while still living in his native Polish town of Plonsk was part of a gang of thugs who extorted money from wealthy Jews.


2. Chaim Weizmann, Israel’s first president considered 1.5 million Jews who survived the Nazis as nothing more than “human dust”


3. Golda Meir “raised the possibility of preventing handicapped and sick Polish Jews from immigrating to Israel”


4. Ariel Sharon is a war criminal for his part in the Sabra and Shatilla massacres.


5. Jewish terrorist group the Stern gang made attempts to collaborate with the Nazis.


6. The Stern gang, under the leadership of Yitzhak Shamir, assassinated Folke Bernadotte. Bernadotte had helped Jews escape the Nazi death camps. Zionists also assassinated his character after his death by lying that Bernadotte was ‘Anti Semitic’.


7. A memorial ceremony attended by Israeli politicians and government officials is held each year at Stern’s grave in the Nahalat Yitzhak cemetery in Tel Aviv. In 1978, a postage stamp was issued in his honor.

In 1981 the town of Kochav Yair (Yair’s Star) was founded and named after Stern’s nickname.


8. Israel devised plan Dalet and started ethnically cleansing Palestinian villages before Israel had declared its independence.


9. Arabs from the village of Huj hid and protected the Jewish Haganah from a British dragnet. It has even been reported that the villagers executed their fellow Arabs who they suspected of collaborating with the British. Zionists repaid the Arabs by ethnically cleansing them from their village. The village is now a Jewish town called Sderot.


10. In 1935 when most of the rest of the world was boycotting Nazi Germany the WZO/Jewish agency were forming partnerships with the Third Reich.


11. “A pact was signed by Dr. Rudolph Kastner of the Jewish Agency Rescue Committee and Nazi exterminator Adolph Eichmann in 1944 allowing 600 prominent Jews to leave in exchange for Zionist silence on the fate of the remainder.”


12. In the 1950s Zionists carried out false flag terrorist attacks [Operation Susannah. AKA. The Lavon Affair] inside Egypt. Israel denied this for a long time then in 2005 Israel honoured the surviving terrorists.


13. Yasser Arafat recognized Israel’s right to exist.


14. That during operation ‘Cast Lead’ Rabbis and extremists gave messages of support to the idf such as,


“Baruch the Man,” which praises Baruch Goldstein, who massacred unarmed Palestinians in Hebron. It calls on “soldiers of Israel to spare your lives and the lives of your friends and not to show concern for a population that surrounds us and harms us. We call on you … to function according to the law ‘kill the one who comes to kill you.’ As for the population, it is not innocent … We call on you to ignore any strange doctrines and orders that confuse the logical way of fighting the enemy.”


15. Shlomo Ben-Ami, Israel’s Foreign Minister and key negotiator at Camp David had this to say about the mythical Zionist ‘generous offer’,


“Camp David was not the missed opportunity for the Palestinians, and if I were a Palestinian I would have rejected Camp David, as well.”


16. That Zionists often spread the Hasbara story that Hamas carried out a ‘bloody coup’ against Fatah in Gaza when in fact the opposite is true…Backed and funded by the G.W.Bush administration.


Never believe a word that comes out of a Zionists mouth!




2. http://digicoll.library.wisc.edu/cgi-bin/FRUS/FRUS-idx?type=goto&id=FRUS.FRUS1940v03&isize=M&submit=Go+to+page&page=837


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4. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/commentators/fisk/ariel-sharon-by-robert-fisk-521809.html


5. http://articles.latimes.com/1989-03-07/news/mn-330_1_stern-gang


6. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/israels-forgotten-hero-the-assassination-of-count-bernadotte–and-the-death-of-peace-934094.html


7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avraham_Stern#Death


8. http://www.jmcc.org/Documentsandmaps.aspx?id=755


9. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/the-suffering-of-sderot-how-its-true-inhabitants-were-wiped-from-israels-maps-and-memories-8348734.html


10. http://www.jta.org/1935/09/04/archive/favor-transfer-agreement-continuance


11. http://www.solidarity-us.org/site/node/154


12. http://www.ynetnews.com/Ext/Comp/ArticleLayout/CdaArticlePrintPreview/1,2506,L-3065838,00.html#n




13. http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Peace/recogn.html


14. http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/news/idf-rabbinate-publication-during-gaza-war-we-will-show-no-mercy-on-the-cruel-1.268849


15. http://www.democracynow.org/2006/2/14/fmr_israeli_foreign_minister_if_i


16. http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2008/04/gaza200804









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Lying For Zion

So the liars over at CfZ [Christians for Zion] are at it again with a ‘blog’ titled ‘What is Defined as Illegal?’ written by an anonymous ‘Administrator’

The blog goes on to lie about Israel’s claims to the OPTs [Occupied Palestinian Territories]


Here’s what they claim.

“It would appear that the EU totally discounts existing international legal agreements and prefers to interpret clauses in these agreements to suit its own agenda.”

Wrong. The EU are not making up their own “interpretations” to “suit its own agenda”. They, the EU, are following International law. The people who ARE making up their own interpretations are the Zionists.


They then go on about San Remo and the British mandate.


“a) The San Remo Treaty of 1920, in which the victors of the First World War parcelled out the remnants of the defeated Ottoman Empire, created a geographical area called Palestine along both sides of the Jordan River. It is still valid today.


b) Article 6 of the Palestine Mandate signed by the League of Nations in 1922 stipulated ‘close Jewish settlement’ on the land west of the Jordan River. The river served as the boundary because that year the UK created a new Arab country, today known as Jordan, by unilaterally bestowing the land east of the river onto the Hashemite dynasty and thus giving some three quarters of Palestine away”


Anyone following this blog will know that the whole San Remo Chestnut was blown clean out the water in blogs written here. I won’t go over it again but here are the links.





Next they go on about the UN Charter,


“c) The 1945 UN Charter, Chapter XII, Article 80 explicitly says than nothing within it shall ‘alter in any manner the rights whatsoever of any states or any peoples or the terms of existing international instruments to which Members of the United Nations may respectively be parties’.”


Article 80 which they refer to has been dubbed the “Eretz Israel article” by Zionist propagandists. But let me let you into a little secret which the Zionists fail to comprehend. If the Zionist claim that San Remo is still applicable were true then under article 80 of the UN charter Israel in its present form is illegitimate and has been so since Israel declared her borders based on UNGA res.181 as Israel’s independence and declared borders go totally against article 80 of the UN charter. More astonishingly Chris Proudlove told us only days ago that Article 80 is no longer applicable and now as if by magic it has become applicable once again.


Next they get into a real tangle.


“d) the claim that the Israeli settlements breach Article 49 of the Geneva Convention does not apply to the settlements. Written in the shadow of the deportation of European Jews to their deaths in Nazi Europe, it prohibits

‘individual or mass forcible transfers, as well as deportations of protected persons from occupied territory to the territory of the Occupying Power or that of any other country, occupied or not…The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occu pies.’

But none of the Israelis living beyond the Green Line have been transferred or deported, forcibly or not; they all chose voluntarily to live there. (The only force ever used against these residents was in fact when Israel forcibly transferred them from Gaza into Israel in 2005.)


Here’s the problem that Zionists have. They tell so many lies [as they have to in order to try and cover the theft of Palestinian land] that sooner or later some of those lies get them tangled up.


Here’s what Haaretz says,


Israel is trying to have its cake and eat it too. On the one hand, it did not annex the West Bank into its sovereign borders or apply Israeli civil law and administration there. Palestinian residents of the West Bank were not granted Israeli citizenship. Israel enacted military rule in the West Bank and operates by this authority. When, for example, Israel confiscates land for security purposes, it does so under the international laws of occupation (found in the Hague Conventions) that impart specific powers to military commanders in occupied territory. On the other hand, Israel claims that the Geneva Convention does not apply to the West Bank, so the restrictions included in the Geneva Convention do not apply. The result is that Israel sometimes acts in the territories as if they are part of its sovereign territory: establishing Israeli cities, communities and factories and applies Israeli law to Israeli citizens living in this territory. However, Israel simultaneously treats that West Bank as occupied territory, administering it under martial law, with the original inhabitants of the occupied territory, the Palestinians, not given the same status as Israeli citizens. While at the same time Palestinian inhabitants are not given the full rights of residents of an occupied territory, including the prohibitions preventing the occupying power from dispossessing them in favor of its own citizens. The Europeans are not willing to let grants they earmark for Israel to fund this policy.”


And here’s what the Independent UN inquiry says,

“Since 1967, the Mission’s report notes, Israeli governments have openly led, directly participated in, and had full control of the planning, construction, development, consolidation and encouragement of settlements.

 “In compliance with Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, Israel must cease all settlement activities without preconditions,”


Oh my! Maybe the Zionists would like to convince us that they only build them because they look pretty and were never intended for Jewish only occupants…..

e) The Geneva Convention applies to actions carried out on the territory of a ‘High Contracting Party’ with a sovereign claim to that territory. But the areas in question ov er the ‘Green Line’ never belonged to any sovereign power.”


Israel has never LEGALLY annexed ANY of the territory “over the Green line” PERIOD!


Mike Fryer in another of his latest blogs goes on a rant about ‘Indoctrinating our young people’ yet he is indoctrinating his own young people into the cult of Zionism and is sending these young people out into the real world armed with lies…Odious doesn’t even come close to describing these people.








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