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Christians For Zion Expanding Their Propaganda Operation

Christians for zion chief propagandist, ex detective Mike Fryer, has announced on the cfz website that they will be starting up an ‘education centre’ at their Fathers house Church. Basically this means that they are expanding their propaganda to try and seduce weak, gullible, ignorant and feeble minded people into supporting Israel’s crimes in the OPTs. Here’s what their Fathers house blog says about ex detective Mike Fryer,

God has used Mike’s Police Experience to gather and produce evidence about the truth of the terrorism in Israel.

So let’s look at what some of his detective work has produced.

On 23rd Feb 2007 Mike’s detective work lead him to say this,

Iran continues to build a nuclear capability that could see them create a nuclear weapon by the end of this year with Israel, as it’s first target.

Well here we are 8 years later and as anyone who has followed the news in the past week or so will know that what Mike said was a fib…plain and simple.

And here’s what the ace detective told his gullible audience in June 2013,

Israeli youths who are arrested for offences against Arabs are dealt with in the same way as Arab youths are.

Anyone who knows anything about the Israel-Palestine issue will know straight away that what ace detective Fryer said is a lie…a huge lie…Spend 2 minutes on the internet to search out the comparison in Israeli ‘justice’ for Arabs and Jews and you will see that this is a lie so we have to ask… What kind of detective work is Fryer actually applying?

That’s just 2 examples of the many lies that Fryer has told and if you check their website you will find many, many more amongst which are that ‘Israel has never ethnically cleansed anyone’ and any Christian [or none Christian for that matter] who doesn’t support Israel ‘will be judged’. Also from his hidden treasure course he claims Jesus will return to make a new covenant with Jews. Speaking of the hidden treasure course one of the books he recommends for study is the thouroughly debunked Alan Dershowitz book ‘the case for Israel’..Why would Christians recommend a book that has so mercilessly been debunked…and why would they champion a man who considers people who watch ‘kiddie porn’ but don’t molest children as,

perfectly law abiding people

It would be easy to dismiss these people as overly zealous and eccentric right wing Christians but the fact is that these people are mad and dangerous


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