The Christian Taliban

Are ‘Christian’ extremists any different from Islamic extremists such as the Taliban? Well no, no they aren’t. Over the past two days i re-visited a web site called ‘Christian Voice’. Being a Scotsman i got interested in an article on the ‘CV’ site titled ‘Independent Scotland won’t join anti-IS coalition’ posted by a fellow called Stephen. In this post Stephen, who claims he is a Christian, lambasts Alex Salmond for not wanting to wage war on IS in Iraq….Can you believe that? A Christian criticising someone for not wanting to wage war..

So i got involved in the comments and during my exchange i said Stephen was almost like the Christian version of the Taliban, then Stephen had this to say,

by supporting the right of the Assyrian Christians in Iraq to fight for their lands and their towns I am like the Taliban.

So i asked if he supported the same actions [war] for the Palestinians to regain their lands, homes and towns. He told me he supported Palestinian Christians but made no mention of supporting them to fight for their lands [strange that he claimed he supported Palestinian Christians when he fulluy supported Israel’s murderous assault on Gaza…Maybe he thinks Israel’s smart bombs can distinguish between Muslim and Christian] So i further pressed on why he supported war against IS on behalf of Assyrian Christians but didn’t support war on Zionism’s land theft on behalf of his Palestinian brothers and sisters. Well if you’ve ever tried to get a straight anaswer from a rabid Zionist you’ll know what came next. Firstly came the accusation of being an ‘Israel hater’ when that didn’t work he tried to undermine my question on his hypocrisy by simply replying ‘oh, please’ , later he decided to edit that comment and added a couple of more sentences which totally avoided answering my question but i pushed on for an answer only to find that he decided not to publish my comment and one must assume he went for censorship rather than be caught out in his blatant hypocrisy….Zionists ‘eh.

So maybe you’re thinking, well that doesn’t make him Taliban-esque…Well think again! Stephen also supports the death penalty for murderers and for the following ‘crimes’..Anyone who curses their father or mother, adulterers and adulteresses, a man who has sexual relations with his father’s wife, a man who has sexual relations with his daughter-in-law and a man who has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman. I’m sure if you check his site you’ll find much more…that’s if you can stomach wading through the Islamophobia and homophobia.

It should also be noted that he’s in some kinda cahoots with ultra hate group and heretics Christians for Zion. You can read more about them here


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  1. Oh my, according to a report in the Daily Mail [sincere apologies for mentioning that rag] Stephen Green, director of Christian voice, is a disgusting wife beater.

    I’m now thinking i have been un-kind to the Taliban by likening them to Christian voice.

    Taliban, my sincere apologies!

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