The Lies Keep Rolling Off Mike Fryer’s Tongue

In an article on the Christians for Zion website titled ‘Hamas refuse to discuss a ceasefire’ Fryer makes the following claim,

Israel are open to a discussion on a possible ceasefire with Hamas but Hamas are refusing to enter into any discussions regarding a possible ceasefire.

Israel are also refusing to to entertain the possibility of a ceasefire as can be seen in the following quotes from Netanyahu.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told members of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Thursday that a cease-fire with Hamas was not on the agenda.

I am not talking to anybody about a cease-fire right now,” Netanyahu told the committee. “It’s not even on the agenda.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli prime minister, said late on Friday that he would continue the military campaign until he achieved his goal.

“No international pressure will prevent us acting with all our force against a terror organisation that is calling for our destruction. We will continue to forcefully attack anyone who is trying to hurt us,” he said on Friday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday that his country will resist foreign pressure to halt its operations.

“The objective is to restore quiet to the cities of Israel, and I intend to achieve this objective,” he said.

I know at the beginning of the week Hamas are wanting a ceasefire along the lines of the 2012 ceasefire and as i understand it this has now chanmged but for Fryer to claim as he has is a downright lie.


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