Joy Wolfe MBE:Just Another Odious Zionist Propagandist!

Joy Wolfe MBE:Just Another Odious Zionist Propagandist!

Joy Wolfe Proving herself to be another hasbarist apologist for Zionist crimes



June 25, 2014 · 1:40 pm

2 responses to “Joy Wolfe MBE:Just Another Odious Zionist Propagandist!

  1. Ted Martin

    If you perhaps hoisted yourself out of your Jewhate mode and actually did one tenth of the charitable good for your Palestinians that Joy has tirelessly done for others during her 80+ years, you could hold your head up high yourself.

    So you’re not just a Palestinian Blame Culturalist then eh? Yes, NEVER their fault. Always blame others, especially the Jews.

    How about asking the billionaire (only since they took over Gaza in 2006) Hamas leadership with their shares in Doha shopping malls and their wonderful 6-star lifestyles in Doha as absentee dictators over the Palestinian people why they aren’t doing something constructive, rather than destructive, for their people. You hypocrites defy logical thought as you little green monster surfaces.

    Jealousy and anti-Semitism will get you nowhere. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, open a history book, and stop blaming everyone except the actual perpetrators and maintainers of the misery, Hamas.

  2. Hi, Ted Martin, that’s your real name..right? Anyway, that’s a fantastical amount of whataboutery that you’ve crammed into such a small comment…so well done on that…i’ve not seen so much whataboutery since i last spoke to Chris P. So,you say i’m in ‘Jewhate mode’ can you cite any evidence to back-up your ridiculous claim? Then you say blah blah blah charity…im sure Joy does indeed do ‘charitable works’ but i don’t see what that has to do with the OP [original post]…speaking of which, do you intend to make a real comment about the OP or are you just another lazy zionist volunteer who is unable to make an argument because you’re ignorant of the facts and don’t have an answer readily available because none has dropped into your inbox from your zionist propaganda favourites? Further, what has Hamas got to do with the Op? You then accuse me of being jealous, heaven knows why, and then accuse me of ‘Anti semitism…so we’re gonna need you to provide evidence of my jealousy and Anti semitism…or, as i suspect, are you just one of those ignorant types who cheapen the term ‘Anti semitism’ by shouting it at everyone you disagree with…..Put up or shut up time, Ted Martin.

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