Chris Proudlove Spouting His Ignorance On Video

Recently i wrote about Chris Proudlove and his lies  well here he is on video spouting his ignorance and lies. I would like to point out that in the past couple of years he has been repeatedly asked to provide evidence to back up his claims….No evidence has ever been forthcoming. So one must wonder why he claims the ‘world is ignorant’ regarding San Remo when he himself is ignorant. Once again we find him unable to deviate from his Hasbara script.


Also, he repeats a claim that “half of all Jews born in past 800 [eight hundred] years have been murdered. Now we all know that throughout history Jews have been mercilessly discriminated against…So we must ask why he would repeat such a blatant lie a lie which again i have have made repeated attempts to gain evidence for……But again, no evidence is fortcoming….I think we know why he can’t provide any evidence to back up his claims…



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