What Kind Of People Write For FrontPageMag?

Sane, rational people, right? Wrong. Here’s what FPM’s Joe Kaufman had to say back in 2001,

The attacks on our World Trade Center and Pentagon took the lives of 5000 Americans, far greater a number than the attack on Pearl Harbor. Question: If the decimation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the right thing to do, in response to Pearl Harbor, then why the heck are we saving our nuclear weapons now? And furthermore, if we’re not using them, why do we have the nukes in the first place? After all, there is no more Soviet Union to compete with. If the attacks are not a good enough reason to use them, then what are we holding on to them for?!!!

So, who did the bold Joe want to nuke.

First stop, Syria! Over twenty terrorist organizations, including a handful of the major ones, have their home offices located in the city of Damascus, the capital of Syria. Instead of trying to woo Syria into our coalition against terrorism, as our Administration has been doing, by offering to take them off the “terrorist list,” we should nuke Damascus and send the members of each one of its housed terrorist organizations scurrying around like a chicken with its head chopped off. If we’re truly looking to eradicate terrorism, this is the first place I would have gone after.

Hmm, a city densely populated by civillians.

Who else would he like to see nuked,

Second, Osama bin Laden, Al Quaida and the Taliban. It seems that these were the guys responsible for our recent attacks, or at least they have been a decent scapegoat. Before wasting this last month bombing Taliban installations, while at the same time allowing members of the Taliban government to run free into Pakistan, we should have nuked the Afghanistan capital of Kabul. In addition, we should not be sending out our ground troops to their deathbeds by having them search for Enemy Number One in any mountainous caverns. A low level nuke will flatten any mountain out, and thereby flatten bin Laden and his evil band of not-so-merry men.

Third would be Iraq. Iraq could very well be to blame for the recent Anthrax attacks that have found their way to nearly every part of our country. But whether it is to blame or not, we know that Iraq is an enemy, and we know that its government is hiding and producing weapons of mass destruction. The answer to this? That’s right, nuke ’em… every facility… every weapon… and Saddam, as well.

So one of the poorest cities in the world and Iraq based on non existent WMD’s and supposed Anthrax attacks. Yes, Joe, i think you are a madman!

Read Joe’s full throttle hate fest here,




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2 responses to “What Kind Of People Write For FrontPageMag?

  1. Christopher Proudlove

    Once again ‘Trevor Barclay,’ administrator of this website, resorts to smear tactics. This time FrontPageMag is the victim. What kind of people write for FrontPageMag? he asks. “Sane, rational people, right? Wrong.” I’d not heard of Joe Kaufman before but I fervently disagree with his call for the use of nuclear bombs. However, I ask myself, was Kaufman being deliberately provocative? This is a typical journalistic ploy to grab attention, using hyperbole, exaggerated statements not meant to be taken literally.
    I receive FrontPageMag emails of articles it has published and this outburst from Kaufman is not typical, and it is wrong of ‘TB’ to suggest that it is. I’ve previously stated that I would be a Democrat if I was an American and FrontPageMag is Republican, sometimes to the point of making my flesh creep, but this is often a standard reaction of mine to politicians.
    One thing in its favour, though, is its defence of Israel and its exposes of Palestinian Arab lies and its running dogs. Once again Trevor Barclay is exposed as a propagandist who tries to make half-truths into the full truth.

  2. Christopher Proudlove

    Journalist Adam Kredo wrote today: “A top Iranian lawmaker and cleric said that the country’s uranium enrichment program could allow it to build a nuclear weapon “in two weeks” in order to “put down Israel,” according to multiple reports in the Farsi language press.
    “Iranian lawmaker and cleric Muhammad Nabavian said on Friday that Iran would be able to build a nuclear bomb in “two weeks” if it gets “access to 270 kilograms of 20 percent [enriched uranium], 10 tons of 5 percent, and 20 thousand centrifuges,” according to reports on Iran’s Radio Farda and in Fararu.
    “We are not looking for a nuclear bomb, but having a nuclear bomb is necessary to put down Israel,” Nabavian said, according to an independent translation of his remarks provided to the Washington Free Beacon.
    Reading this you can understand why Israel is worried by Iran.
    Fleet Street journalist Melanie Philips wrote today of her concern about the capitulation of the West “to Iran at Geneva, where the US, UK and EU agreed implicitly to allow Iran to continue to enrich uranium, as a result of which – even absent a final deal – the prospect of sanctions relief has caused Iran’s economy to boom. So relaxed has Iran now become, indeed, that a senior Iranian lawmaker has bragged that the country’s uranium enrichment programme could allow it to build a nuclear weapon ‘in two weeks’ in order to ‘put down Israel’.
    “Even the eye-popping fact that the terrorist and genocidal Iranian regime has now become America’s new best friend still didn’t lessen the astonishment at US Secretary of State John Kerry’s bizarre suggestion that Iran might play a role in the Syrian peace talks – which, since Iran is Assad’s patron and has fomented chaos and violence not just in Syria but in the region is, as has been said, tantamount to calling on an arsonist to put out a fire.
    “The other side of all this has been the Obama administration’s obsession with Israel, and its truly fatuous belief that a Palestine state is the key to defusing Muslim rage. Here on display is the same combination of hubris and abject ignorance in assuming that the US can broker a peace deal, when it refuses to acknowledge the true nature of the conflict and stupidly and arrogantly refracts the way the Palestinian Arabs think through the wholly inappropriate prism of western cultural assumptions.
    “Kerry says he is frustrated by the PLO’s refusal to accept Israel as a Jewish state. But to anyone who looks at the Palestinian Arabs or Middle East history without rose-tinted or hate-infused blinkers, this is hardly a surprise. The Palestinian Arabs brainwash their children into hating and murdering Jews and Israelis.
    “They glorify terrorists as heroes and martyrs – not least because, according to Mahmoud Abbas back in 2005, their atrocities were perpetrated on the orders of his Palestinian Authority.
    “They openly preside over terrorist atrocities themselves: one of Abbas’s policemen was amongst those arrested for the recent attempted bomb attack against an Israeli bus in Bat Yam.
    “And let’s not forget the ‘Palestine ambassador’ who blew himself up by accident in Prague a few days ago when he reportedly ‘opened a safe’ in his ‘embassy’ – following which the Czech police were even more astonished to discover there a store of enough weapons to arm ten people. Former Czech Chief of Staff Jiri Sedivy said he was afraid that
    ‘…apart from Prague, similar arms arsenals may also be secretly kept at other Palestinian embassies in Europe and overseas.’
    “Ya think?
    “Yet these are the people with whom Kerry is bullying Israel to negotiate away its existential safety and the security of its civilians. These are the people with whom Kerry is negotiating their reward for such unending bigotry and aggression in the offer of a state of their own.
    “Now the PLO has made clear yet again that this whole ‘peace process’ is a sick farce, since a state of Palestine would serve merely as a stage towards its goal of destroying Israel altogether.
    ‘In an interview on Syrian TV, senior Palestinian official Abbas Zaki said the PA will only agree to a treaty with Israel if the Palestinian state is established on the 1967 lines. However, he stressed that ’67 lines would only be the beginning. After that, the Palestinians will continue with the stages plan:
    “Even the most extreme among us, Hamas, or the fighting forces, want a state within the ’67 borders. Afterward, we [will] have something to say, because the inspiring idea cannot be achieved all at once. [Rather] in stages.”
    ‘In an interview on Al-Jazeera TV in 2011, Zaki also mentioned this PA stages plan and referred to “the inspiring idea,” explaining that it means the end of Israel. He said that Mahmoud Abbas shares the goal of eliminating Israel in stages, but that the PA says it only wants a state along the 1967 borders because it is unacceptable politically to say you want to destroy Israel: “You can’t say it to the world. You can say it to yourself.”’
    ‘Zaki stressed that the goal is clear-cut because if Israel were to return to the 1967 lines, it certainly could not survive: “Israel will come to an end.”
    “Yet it is precisely these 1967 lines – known in Israel as the ‘Auschwitz borders’ – that Obama and Kerry are applying the thumbscrews upon Israel to accept.
    “Of course, all those who have bayed for years that the US was displaying its inherent colonialism and racism by intervening in Iraq and Afghanistan strangely raise no such objection to its grotesque interference with Israel’s defence against extermination.
    “But then, those people would also like nothing better, or at the very least would not be the slightest bit disturbed, if Israel were to disappear altogether. In this, there is no real moral difference between them and the fanatical jihadis of the Muslim and Arab world – to which the Obama administration appears intent on delivering the west on a platter.”

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