20 Years of Talks: Keeping Palestinians Occupied

20 Years of Talks: Keeping Palestinians Occupied



December 4, 2013 · 2:24 pm

61 responses to “20 Years of Talks: Keeping Palestinians Occupied

  1. Christopher Proudlove

    My detractors are missing the main point I was trying to make about Mandela. With F W de Klerk he was instrumental in saving South Africa from a bloody civil war. He did so by not pursuing military means but by urging all the various African tribes, mixed races, and the white minority to pursue peaceful means and build a future state for the benefit of everyone in that country.
    What I am saying is that Palestinian Arabs should copy Mandela in their relations with Israel. It serves neither side to carry on as things have been for more than 60 years. The Palestinian Arabs should drop their mantra of wanting to drive Jews into the sea and hate propaganda and come to a settlement on borders. However, my view is that they would be better off in Israel.

  2. “My detractors are missing the main point I was trying to make about Mandela.”

    No, that’s your strawman argument. Here’s what your ‘actual’ point was.

    “Here’s one anti-Israel fact that ‘Trevor Barclay’ gave that was a lie. He wrote of Nelson Mandela’s support for the Palestinian cause. But this stems from a fake email sent by Arjan El Fassed, co-founder of the Electronic Intifada, an anti-Israel website.”

    You called it a lie that Mandela supported the Palestinian cause. Of course after proving that Mandela did support the Palestinians you went on your usual detour and refused to accept that Mandela did support the Palestinians. You also ranted about a ‘fake email’ which you accused me of repeating [another of your now mountain of lies] but it turned out you were clueless about the email because as we discovered yesterday, much to your shame [well it would be if you had any shame] you posted an excerpt from the ‘fake email’ and even tried to give a source which proves two things. 1. You never check out what is being spoon fed to you making everything you say null and void from here on in and 2. How thick you are.

    “I’ve just watched the Norman Finkelstein interview of Alan Dershowitz and was irritated by the childish insertions of Bruce Lee.”

    Not only was the insertion of Bruce Lee apt, it was also hilarious given the context.

    “Finkelstein was impressive but he had the time to prepare whereas Dershowitz was answering off the cuff.”

    Time to prepare? The discussion was about Dershowitz’s ‘the case for Israel’ HOW MUCH PREP DID THE DERSH NEED…HE WROTE THE BOOK FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!!!!

    Once more you show yourself to be pathetically closed minded.

    Newspeak/turnspeak…Game. Set. Match. Finklestein!

    Oh btw, no, i’ve never been a Catholic.

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