Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People

The film, based on a book by Professor Jack Shaheen with the same title, shows how the American film industry known as Hollywood turned out to be a tool intended to corrupt the conscientiousness of the otherwise innocent and unsuspected general public by inciting hatred on the bases of race and religion.



November 21, 2013 · 3:15 pm

4 responses to “Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People

  1. Christopher Proudlove

    How Hollywood vilifies people. Must be of similar ilk to ‘Trevor Barclay.’ He is typical of the pro-Palestinian. Have you seen the hate and horrible language they dish out at anti-Israel campaigns? Trevor is like this. His stock response to someone with an opposite point of view is to mock, call them idiots, liars, or to lol (laugh out loud. Israel does a lot of good in the world yet ‘Trevor’ never brings up the topic because of his ingrained tendency to be a bigot. He is a poor example of an academic because of this and his propensity to boast about his superior knowledge. Very often what he dishes out can be attributed to him. He does himself no favours by acting like this. Change your attitude, ‘Trevor.’

  2. “Hate and horrible language”

    What, like this,

    Or This,

    Also, if you stop lying i will be more polite….Kay?

  3. Christopher Proudlove

    Yes, language such as this is wrong and is clearly not the attitude the Bible recommends. We are to do good even to those who hate us. When one faction preaches hate you can be sure the opposing faction will follow suit. In order for peace in the Middle East hate messages will have to stop. My view is that the incitement to hatred is far worse on the Muslim side. I’ve met Muslims from all around the world and whenever the subject of Israel crops up a snarl soon appears on the face. In contrast, I’ve met Israeli Jews who genuinely feel sorry for the plights of Palestinian Arabs, including those who have fought for the Israeli military. My view is that it would assist the peace process in the long-term would be helped if punitive action was taken against the Palestinian Arab hate propaganda. It does not help the peace process if Western aid is channelled to the pockets of Palestinian terrorists guilty of killing Israelis in cold blood, even children. When should Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, a Holocaust denier, be paid more than U.S. President Barak Obama?

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