Zionist Heavyweight Sheldon Adelson Says Obama Should Nuke Iran

This is the same guy who only a few weeks ago was hosting a panel against Genocide.


“Casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson told a crowd at Yeshiva University in New York on Tuesday that the only proper negotiating tactic with Iran would be fire a nuclear missile at the country and threaten to wipe out the entire population of Tehran, the nation’s capital.

Adelson, the largest donor to the Republican Party and its affiliated groups, made the comments during a panel discussion hosted by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens and Yeshiva University President Richard Joel. Adelson’s remarks were videotaped by Philip Weiss of the news site Mondoweiss:”


Read the article here,





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2 responses to “Zionist Heavyweight Sheldon Adelson Says Obama Should Nuke Iran

  1. Christopher Proudlove

    BEFORE Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad left office last September he warned arch-foe Israel that it would be “uprooted” from the Middle East.
    “I will inform you with God as my witness, a devastating storm is on the way that will uproot the basis of Zionism,” Ahmadinejad said in Quds (Jerusalem) Day remarks broadcast on Iran’s state television.
    In a parting shot against Israel, which he has consistently targeted with annihilation during eight years in power, Ahmadinejad said it “has no place in this region”.
    Iran staged massive rallies to mark annual Quds Day, with speeches and sermons supporting the Palestinian cause and condemning Israel.
    State television showed hundreds of thousands of people marching across the country, chanting “Death to Israel” and “Death to America”.
    The demonstrators also denounced any renewed peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.
    In his remarks, Ahmadinejad accused Israel and its Western supporters of fomenting discord in the Middle East, saying “it was their dream to see the will of regional countries bent on destroying (Israel) diverted towards civil war”.
    “Who is happy for what is happening in Egypt and Syria?” he asked, charging that Israel celebrating the unrest in those countries.
    Thankfully, Adelson’s remarks do not reflect the Israeli man-in-the-street.
    Before Israel became a nation surrounding Muslim countries threatened to strangle it at birth and have since continued to threaten the Jewish state with annihilation. Syria’s late president, Hafez al-Assad prophesied hundreds of wars until Israel was defeated and wiped off the map.
    The world’s nuclear nations should warn Iran that if they strike first with H-bombs then drastic action would be taken against them.
    After the horrendous suffering Jews suffered during the Holocaust and pogroms in diverse places I can understand Israel’s motto of ‘Never Again,’ promising to stand up against any bullying nation or nations.
    Israel’s bombing of nuclear facilities being developed by Iraq and Syria paid off, but Iran is in a different league. Is it right for nuclear nations to tell other countries that they shouldn’t have these weapons?
    While we should pray for peace and the scrapping of ALL nuclear weapons I believe what we are witnessing between Iran and Israel is jingoism.
    Neither Israel nor Iran would benefit if there was a nuclear war between the two.

  2. Christopher Proudlove

    I’ve tried to find the relevant place in this website’s archives for Trevor Barclay’s references to John Hagee but the search box failed to give an answer. Therefore I am posting this news report about him here, Trevor Barclay, and I wondered if you have any observations to make.
    Cornerstone Church, the church of Pastor John Hagee, held its 33rd annual Night to Honor Israel on Sunday with the largest donations to Holy Land going to organizations working in aliyah, or immigration to Israel.
    The international aliyah organization Nefesh B’Nefesh received the single largest gift, with a $500,000 donation. The Jewish Agency, which also deals in immigration, was given $250,000 as well.
    World-famous Israeli Holocaust museum Yad VaShem was granted $100,000.
    A great deal of Israeli charity organizations were given money as well. Joint Distribution Committee, which represents North America’s Jewish Federations in helping Israeli society enhance its own capacity to meet the needs of its weakest and least fortunate members received $100,000. The Hadadi Breast Cancer Center was given $50,000. The Kobi Mandell Foundation, which provides a Jewish response to the impact of terror and tragedy by helping bereaved mothers, fathers,widows, orphans and siblings rebuild their lives, and create meaning out of suffering was granted $50,000.
    The Israeli Defense Forces were given a boost as well. Nahal Haredi, a unit within the IDF that helps the ultra-Orthodox serve was given $50,000. Friends of the IDF was given $50,000 as well.
    Also receiving a donation was the tremendously successful Israeli law center Shurat Hadin, which combats terrorist organizations and the regimes that support them through lawsuits litigated in courtrooms around the world. They received $100,000.
    Pastor Hagee began the Night to Honor Israel in 1978 after “I went to Israel as a tourist and came home a Zionist! I have traveled the world but as I walked the cobblestone streets of the Holy City, I knew I was home! My roots were there! I felt a very special presence in that sacred city that changed my life forever!
    “As I stood praying at the Western Wall, I noticed an elderly orthodox Jewish man praying with all his might, rocking back and forth and reciting Scripture,” the pastor explained. “I thought to myself, ‘Here we are at the same holy place, praying to the same God and quoting the same scripture…yet I know nothing about this man or his faith.’”
    “In the days that followed, my heart was charged with a commission from the Holy Spirit to do all that I could to bring Christians and Jews together in an atmosphere of mutual esteem and unconditional love.
    On September 10, 1981, the first “Night to Honor Israel” was presented at the Theater of Performing Arts in San Antonio, Texas. The house was packed! The Jews were asking, “So what’s this Gentile up to?” The Christians were asking, “Why are we doing this?” Skepticism permeated the air. Then the 120-voice choir and 40-piece orchestra of Cornerstone Church took their positions.
    The tension began to melt as the sounds of Hebrew music filled the auditorium. I gave a speech stating why Christians should support Israel and we raised $10,000 for Hadassah Hospital from the Christian community and presented the entirety of the offering that night.
    Soon after ““A Night to Honor Israel” went to Houston, Ft. Worth, Austin, Dallas, Corpus Christi, Tulsa, Phoenix, in addition to our annual event in San Antonio. “A Night to Honor Israel has also been presented in all parts of Israel.
    The pastor hailed the event one that, “has a proven track record of bringing Christians and Jews together in a non-threatening, non-conversionary environment that promotes genuine brotherly love.
    “If Christianity cannot demonstrate unconditional love,” Hagee noted, “we are nothing more than another cult!”

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