Gaza:The Killing Zone [2003]

This is what went on in Gaza BEFORE Hamas took control. Kinda kills more of the Zionist Hasbara



July 13, 2013 · 1:55 pm

5 responses to “Gaza:The Killing Zone [2003]

  1. Watch a video showing Arab children attacking Israeli soldiers Arab propaganda hiding from you …

  2. Christopher Proudlove

    The Katif Center, established to maintain the legacy of the Jewish communities of Gush Katif and northern Samaria, last week marked eight years since the forced displacement of some 10,000 Jews with a documentary project featuring 800 interviews with the former residents.
    Report from Messianic magazine israel today

    Speaking at the event, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat called on the nation’s leadership to realize there “must never be a second disengagement.” Deputy Foreign Minister Zeev Elkin added that the uprooting of Jews from Gaza is “the Yom Kippur of conservative Israeli politics.”

    Unveiled at the Begin Center in Jerusalem, the Katif Center’s documentary project allows visitors to its website to choose individuals from the former Jewish communities in Gaza and through his or her testimonies experience what it was like to be expelled from the area.

    Barkat noted that the Gush Katif settlements, much maligned on the international stage, had “been established by governments from across the political spectrum…[in order to] meet a very real need to settle the land and establish security in the south.”

    The decision to uproot Gush Katif under American and Western pressure “was a national trauma,” Barkat continued. “Anyone who was there was scarred for life.”

  3. Christopher Proudlove

    My previous posting was an item from the Messianic Jewish magazine israel today but this fact was left off.
    The Israeli government made Gaza Judenrein as a gesture for peace. There was no reciprocal gesture from Palestinian Arabs. Genocide of Jews is still incorporated in the Hamass Charter

  4. Christopher Proudlove

    Hamas has developed the ability to locally manufacture rockets with the range to hit Israel’s heartland, including Tel Aviv, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz is reported as saying in The Times of Israel.
    Gantz said the terror organization, which controls the Gaza Strip, is producing its own 200 millimetr calibre missiles, known as the M-75, which can strike to about 50 miles)
    A number of M-75 rockets, based on Iranian technology, were fired at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem during last November’s Pillar of Defense, which was launched by Israel to halt persistent rocket fire against towns near the Gaza border. Most of the missiles were shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome interceptor.
    The technology was relatively new at the time, but Gantz said the Strip had continued to develop its manufacturing of the rocket.
    The rocket became something of a rallying point for Gazans, whose missile range had been limited to Israel’s south in previous engagements. Visiting the Strip after a ceasefire, Hamas political chief Khaled Mashaal popped out of a model of the rocket on a stage.
    Last November it became clear that Hamas has not installed one warning siren or a single air raid shelter because it uses the deaths of Gazans as propaganda. There is hardly a street lamp standing in the Gaza Strip because they have been used to make rockets.
    Meanwhile Israel protests its citizens with ever more shelters and defensive strategies. It cares about its people but Hamas is content to let its people suffer.

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