Chris Proudlove Confirms Mike Fryer Lied!

Recently i reported on a post on the Christians for Zion website by Mike Fryer in which he claimed,


“Israeli youths who are arrested for offences against Arabs are dealt with in the same way as Arab youths are.”


That claim was clearly false as can be seen in a comment made yesterday by Fryer’s fellow Hasbarist and CfZ blogger Chris Proudlove,


“Christopher Proudlove
July 2, 2013 at 4:41 pm (Edit)

The new laws announced this week by Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon means that the Jewish perpetrators of violence will face the same legal repercussions as Palestinian terrorists.
 Israeli security services and police are now able to hold suspects in jail longer, keep them under arrest until the end of legal proceedings and investigate without the presence of an attorney.”


Thank’s, Chris.



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19 responses to “Chris Proudlove Confirms Mike Fryer Lied!

  1. Christopher Proudlove

    Trevor, no-one will take you seriously with this preposterous spin. Lol indeed! What I wrote yesterday had nothing to do with Mike Fryer. Price tag attacks have nothing to do with murder, but the Israeli government is so incensed with Jewish hooliganism and the damage it is doing to inter-faith relationships that they are stepping legal measures and classing them as the same level as terrorism. I hope this dispels Trevor toxic remarks. I have taken him to task before for going off at a tangent. He is wont to class mistakes of fact as deliberate lies. He hasn’t the good sense to know the difference.

  2. Christopher Proudlove

    Trevor quotes Mike Fryer as saying: “Israeli youths who are arrested for offences against Arabs are dealt with in the same way as Arab youths are.”
    Trevor calls this a lie but I read the above statement as Israeli youths and Arab youths are both dealt with the same way, that is through the courts. Trevor, as usual, is up to his mischief making and traducing a fine man who is doing as much, if not more, as any Christian clergyman to improve Church relations with Judiasm.

  3. Christopher Proudlove

    I note that you give more prominence to your mistaken remarks than those who comment. So much for your fairness, Trevor.

  4. “He is wont to class mistakes of fact as deliberate lies.”

    Like i mentioned previously we are all mistaken at one time or another but Fryer and you make too many “mistakes” .

    Both of you are propagandists to further Israel’s agenda of taking land outside of the boundaries they accepted when the state of Israel was born.

    In any other language it’s called theft and as such is illegal under international law and both of you are accomplices to this theft due to the lies you so proudly spread.

  5. Christopher Proudlove

    Get it into your head, Trevor, that the San Remo Treaty, unanimously agreed by the League of Nations, and accepted but quickly forgotten by the United Nations, that Israel’s domain is from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea, including the Gaza Strip.
    I don’t how many times I have to repeat this but when the Arabs turned down the partition plan for the Holy Land in 1947 it became null and void. Israel agreed to give part of the land that was rightfully theirs in the aftermath of World War Two. If the Arabs had accepted this plan they would have had more land than they are now seeking. Israel also ordered nearly 10,000 Jews from Gaza in 2005 in a move to promote peace. The Arabs then used the land to attack Israel. There is no lasting peace in the Middle East because it is all or nothing for Arabs. They are prepared to play a waiting game, but all it brings is more suffering for them as God has said in His Word that this time the Jews are back in the land that He promised them FOR GOOD.
    As for Trevor’s accusations of theft (LOL); it is he that is wrong. Israel gave away Gush Katif, Gaza, as a gesture for peace but the Hamas government there still intends to drive all Jews for the Holy Land. God will not let this happen.

  6. Christopher Proudlove

    If you were a gentleman, Trevor, you would erase this liar of a headline ‘Chris Proudlove confirms that Mike Fryer lied.’ The heading confirms that you are the one that’s lying, Trevor. I’ve explained why you are wrong about the headline but you would sooner believe in the fantasies produced by your own mind.

  7. Not going to happen. Are you trying to tell me that Mike, an ex detective who has visited Israel many times was ignorant to the fact that Israeli courts treat Arab and Jewish “youths” differently?

    Tell you what though. I am no gentleman but i will give credit when credit’s due. So if Mike amends the false information he has spread and if you, who spent “46 years in newspapers” remove the blatant lie you told concerning UNSC RES 242 i will put up a blog praising you both for coming clean and doing the right thing.

    Hows that for you?

    • Christopher Proudlove

      Eugene Rostow, former dean of Yale Law School, former U.S. Under-This is what I wrote: “Secretary of state and co-author of U.N. Security Council Resolution 242, which sets out the criteria for Israel-Arab peace-making said U.N. Resolution 242 does not call for withdrawal to the pre-1967 boundaries; Israel’s withdrawal from Sinai amounts to a 90 per cent withdrawal from post-1967 areas; the legality of Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria ‘cannot be terminated except by a recognized peace between Israel and its neighbours, and perhaps not even then, in view of Article 80 of the U.N. Charter, ‘the Palestine article,’ which upholds the 1922 British Mandate for Palestine. This 1922 international legal instrument considered Judea and Samaria part of the Jewish national homeland: “Jews have the same right to settle [in Judea and Samaria] as they have to settle in Haifa.’

      “The 1993 Oslo Accord does not prohibit the construction of Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria. The campaign against Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria is based on gross misrepresentations. It is not a peace-enhancer; it is an appeasement-enhancer, fuelling terrorism and undermining the pursuit of peace.” 

      • Christopher Proudlove

        The above reply should have started; “This is what I wrote … ” It did not because of a computer glitch. I am merely quoting a source Trevor.

  8. ” It may be more accurate to say it may cause a rift between the American Jewish establishment and the Christian leaders who have until now been cowed with the warning that the price for “interfaith dialogue” is silence on Israel’s human rights violations.”

    One wonders. One wonders

  9. I’ve already pointed this out to you but since you seem to be a bit dense i’ll have to repeat it.

    “One of the most respected advocates of Israeli rejectionism, Yale Law professor and former government official Eugene Rostow, claims that he “helped produce” UN 242, and has repeatedly argued that it authorizes continued Israeli control over the territories. David Korn, former State Department office director for Israel and Arab-Israeli affairs, responded that “Professor Rostow may think he `helped produce’ Resolution 242, but in fact he had little if anything to do with it.” He was an “onlooker,” like “many others who have claimed a hand in it.”

    And here’s a quote attributed to Lord Caradon,

    “Knowing as I did the unsatisfactory nature of the 1967 line I was not prepared to use wording in the Resolution which would have made that line permanent. Nevertheless it is necessary to say again that the overriding principle was the “inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war” and that meant that there could be no justification for annexation of territory on the Arab side of the 1967 line merely because it had been conquered in the 1967 war.”

  10. Christopher Proudlove

    Palestinian Arabs think the 1967 peace line is permanent. Here, Lord Caradon emphasises that it is not. Israel has repeatedly stated it is willing to negotiate on the land question. It has even offered the Palestinian Authority (PA) around 95% of what it wanted. Israel’s Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has repeatedly called for talks without preconditions but the PA have rejected the calls. While the Jewish state is prepared to make concessions, PA is not. It is all or nothing for them. Despite the current efforts of the United States I do not think the talks will happen. I hope I am wrong on this, though. The PA’s top men will continue in their well-paid jobs but it is the ordinary Palestinian Arabs who suffer. Instead of building up the local infrastructure, the Palestinian Arab leaders subsidise terrorism with the help of Western aid and continue the hate propaganda against Jews and Israel. The PA and Hamas-run Gaza are not yet economically viable. They also break the United Nations Charter by not being good neighbours to Israel. Indeed, the Hamas Charter pledges to wipe Israel off the map.

  11. Christopher Proudlove

    Please delete the untrue references that “Chris Proudlove confirms Mike Fryer lied.” This headline is a liar.

  12. Again, not going to happen. I’ve already made you a more than generous offer which you failed to reply to. Once again i’ll make the offer.

    If Mike amends the false information he has spread and if you, who spent “46 years in newspapers” remove the blatant lie you told concerning UNSC RES 242 i will put up a blog praising you both for coming clean and doing the right thing.

    If that is unsatisfactory to you and you wish to go ahead with legal proceedings then i suggest you either give me the details of your legal representatives and i will contact them and give any information required or you can ask your representatives to contact wordpress and take it from there.

    Under no circumstances will i pass on my email address or phone number to you personally.

  13. Christopher Proudlove

    AS stated above, I was quoting someone else on Resolution 242. People can see that your premise that I proved Mike Fryer to be a liar is but a figment of your imagination.
    I’ve given you my personal details Trevor why can’t I have yours?

  14. Christopher Proudlove

    I am still puzzled by your generous offer. What was it? I’ve always responded to your comments. I repeat your headline ‘Chris Proudlove confirms Mike Fryer is a liar’ is not true. So, Trevor, that makes you the liar, and as you have clearly stated about yourself “I am no gentleman.” This is clear evidence to back up your poor but correct view of youself.

  15. Generous offer withdrawn.

    Go ahead with your threats of legal action.

  16. Buster J Bailey

    Christopher Proudlove’s reply has shown you up asTHE REAL LIAR. You were clearly wrong to state what you did and if you had but an ounce of decency you would remove the offending blog.

  17. Let me guess. You decided to visit Chris?

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